PseudoSsudio (Phil Collins Tribute)
December 10, 2016
PUMP (Aerosmith Tribute)
December 30, 2016


July 8, 2017 10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Formed in late 2012, DuShane is a culmination of southern rock and country . The band consists of vocals, electric/acoustic guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, violin and keyboards.

Formally of the band Law and Order (MCA Records), lead singer DuShane, brought up on the Nashville/Memphis sound but also uses his New York City roots to create their “Urban Country” sound.

The Band is a blend of acoustic and sonic texture that is reminiscent of classic country and southern rock, and shimmers with modern studio sounds and arrangements.

Tutored by friends and former producers Joe Hardy, Mac Reinhold and Shane Keister, The DuShane Band was able to produce and engineer and record their first independent record.

DuShane’s first single “Alabama Rain” released in late October 2015 has received receiving warm reviews and gaining popularity from fans with different musical tastes, and with a release of DuShane’s first music video for “When I walk out,” the band hopes to gain popularity with country and rock fans as well as appeal to a broader global audience.