STATUS JOE: A Reunion Show!!!

July 8, 2017
July 12, 2017


August 17, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

A looong looong time ago in land far far away… true story: 5 guys sitting in a neighborhood gin mill are alerted by a drunken patron that they are all, as coincidence would have it, musicians and wouldn’t it be cool and cute to get together and jam… one hundred years later, 4 records, 3 member shifts, 2 name changes (drunken bastards, the D.B.’s) and 1 lawsuit later (no deaths, diseases or children that can be proven by law) Status Joe is better than ever! the band’s smash and grab approach to song writing (pretty carcrashes) runs the gambit of rock, southern rock, pop, blues and whatever else they can throw in the pot and still call it soup. Their music is at times raucous then sensitive and then even humorous, poignant and alternately familiar and friendly. Good stories told by your favorite bartender on a Thursday night. Status Joe’s strongest feature is far and away their exhilarating live performances, spearheaded by dynamic frontman Phil Richards, who croons and crows through a lush jungle of riffs and dueling guitar harmonies provided by the mad scientist, Tim (T-bone) DaCosta and the unbridled Dave “the Crave” Ventamiglia. The whole rollercoaster is convincingly held together by the big sound and solid rhythm core of Scott “the Wookie” Hanson on bass and Mark (who has somehow avoided a nickname) Hennessey on drums.
Status Joe has performed across the United States in venues both large and small, opening for the likes of Foreigner, Living Color, Fishbone, Kings X, Twisted Sister, Tonic, Johnny & Edgar Winter, Robbie Krieger, Glen Tilbrook (of Squeeze), and Zebra to name a few.
Their 3rd full album “Dinosaur” (preceded by “Happy Hour”, Second Wind” and the EP “2.5” featuring “Water To Wine” and “Bigfoot”) is the summation of the band’s evolution as performers, songwriters and friends. “Their BEST yet!”
The band supports various charities including the American Cancer Society, the United States Marines Toys for Tots, the A Gift From Alexa Foundation for Children with Autism, and the Dwarf Girafffe Children’s Center of Queens as well as local and community benefits.
the band is currently planning to take over the world…